Erin Francis-CummingsPresident and CEO, Destination Analysts Research

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    Erin Francis-Cummings

    President & CEO, Destination Analysts

    A go-to expert resource in the destination marketing industry, Erin Francis-Cummings has spent the last nearly two decades studying travelers from across the globe and translating their evolving, complex and fascinating behaviors and opinions into marketing insights for Destination Analysts’ 170+ clients. Erin has designed research strategy and facilitated consumer research for some of the world’s greatest destination brands, including Bermuda, the Fiji Islands, California and Florida. Erin currently serves on the international Board of Directors for the Travel and Tourism Research Association and is a frequent speaker for U.S. Travel, Destinations International and at several other industry events. Prior to leading Destination Analysts, she held advertising and marketing management roles at Amtrak and the San Francisco Travel, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California Los Angeles.


    9:10am - 10:10am

    Hospitality Trends – “Hot off the press” international and domestic data will be presented